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 lover + passion for 


Gemini’s are famous for their insatiable zeal, curiosity and making social connections. 

I've always been a storyteller. Remember that kid in trouble for talking? That was me. I’m a firm believer that your childhood plays a major role in your future. Good or bad — the impression is up to you. Not one to be held back by my faults, I leveraged my gift of communication and made a career out of it. 

In synchronization with my branding and web design solutions, I also own Charge Partners Clothing. My mission, personally and professionally, is to encourage my customers to embrace individuality while owning authenticity. 

My passion for individuality far exceeds the threads of a coveted jean jacket and is also embedded in Gemini Design Studio. Your brand is better when it is YOU. Much more than a pretty logo, your brand is crafted from your business’s core —your values, your stories, your personality.  


Let’s push boundaries and design something 




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