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Updated: Mar 20, 2020

WOW-- ever visit a new city and feel empowered to conquer life? Yeah, me too!

So here's my take on Los Angeles.

The weather is fabulous. The food is great. The people are amazing. AND THE CULTURE... it is incredible.

In Tennessee, at 8 AM in June you are 2.5 seconds away from melting to death since we've got this neat thing called humidity. Fly 2,000 miles across the country and 90 degrees is actually chilly at times. The further you wander into the city, the warmer it gets. But most of the area is right next to the great big Pacific Ocean blowing breezes in all the way from China. That's how tidal waves work right? HA. So even if the sun is blazing, you are beyond comfortable. Did I mention that the desert is like right there?? WHAT. IS. THIS. WITCHCRAFT.

I'm a thick girl. You can tell I like a good meal. This is definitely not limited to cornbread and brisket! (If you know me at all, you'll understand that was a joke.) I won't go back to a restaurant if they have bad ranch dressing (cough cough... talking about you Shoney's), so I'm definitely not going back to a city that has nasty food. One foot on the Venice Beach Boardwalk, and I could smell the food calling my name! Food trucks galore, elote in a cup (yay for being a lazy person!), funnel cakes, tacos, sidewalk burritos, hibachi on wheels?! HEAVEN. Don't even get me started on the local beer.

I'm not sure if it is life in the Bible Belt, or Hollywood's own negative persona, but I was skeptical about this trip.

Well SURPRISE, contrary to what ole Dixieland wants you to think, people beyond the Mason-Dixon Line aren't really a bunch of ass-hats. (Yes, I've left the south before) I have never felt so much love and positive energy in my life!

The Art District-- Graffiti is illegal right? Well, when you own the building, you can tag it all day long. OR you can commission one of the many talented LA artists and it is considered street art. Emphasis on that word ART. We walked around for hours gazing at this beautiful community. Paintings for blocks created with passion, many fighting for peace, justice, and love. Just as soon as you think you've walked to far, you peer down a back ally to find another masterpiece. Sounds phenomenal right? Well hold on right there... I'll have a blog all about the Art District up pretty soon!

Santa Monica-- I didn't know much about Santa Monica besides what I had seen on Grand Theft Auto, and let me tell ya, those video game designers have gotten really good with detail! BUT while Trevor is running around crashing helicopters and robbing strangers, he never lays on the warm sand and thinks about how beautiful of a city he has. Am I right? The Santa Monica homes are straight out of a magazine. I kept thinking Gianni Versace's ghost must live here. Wander down the pier and find the Pacific Park amusement park and the historic Looff Hippodrome Carousel. But then there is the postcard view from the beautiful beach surrounded by foggy mountain vistas. Pinch me, I'm dreaming!

Crenshaw-- NOW THIS IS LOVE. Hundreds of people pass by the corner of Crenshaw and Slauson daily to pay homage to the late Nipsey Hussle. Earlier this year, the underground phenomenon was shot and killed on this corner, in front of his store, The Marathon Clothing. In the side ally, two incredible murals stand parallel to each other as his fans pass through in eerie silence as they mourn his death. On the left stands Danny Matteo's famous painting of the wing-bearing late rapper and entrepreneur. To the right of the ally, another mural of Hussle is outlined by thousands of expressions of love, gratitude, and sadness from his community and fans. I could feel the love before I even got out of the Uber.

Not only was Nipsey an up-and-coming artist, he was a valuable member of the South Los Angeles community. Despite his fame, Nipsey never left. He had a vision for his neighborhood. Hussle poured his heart and soul into the local elementary schools by fighting for their education. He fought for local business owners as they faced a capital crisis. He wanted change. He wanted a future for Crenshaw.

How is that for Neighborhood?

Regardless of where you live, community means everything. You might want out, but what if you could make it better? Hustle and motivate.

LA, I'll see you again real soon.

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