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If you are trying to land your dream job, you're in the right place. You need a great resume and cover letter to get hired. Together, we can identify your skills and experiences that make you the ideal candidate for that position. I'm a storyteller, after all — let me help you tell yours. 


Your resume shouldn't come from a template. How could a template help you stand out from the competition? I build each resume uniquely, to fit my clients' needs. I offer three styles: chronological, functional and combination. 

  • Chronological resume: This style is great for someone with a strong history of employment. A chronological resume lists your work history in chronological order, starting with your most recent position. 

  • Functional resume: Don't worry if you think your work history is less than impressive. This style focuses on your skills, accomplishments and experiences rather than a list of your work history. 

  • Combination resume: My favorite! This style is a fantastic way to showcase your skills and support them with information about your education and work history. 

Cover Letter

A cover letter is an introduction to your resume. The one page letter is an imperative step during the application process that further tells an employer why your skills and experiences qualify you for the position. Keep in mind, each cover letter should be unique to each position you apply for, because it is a narrative that highlights how you meet the specific requirements of that position. 

Digital Portfolio

A lot like my web design services, digital portfolios are a unique way to effectively communicate to your audience. Because technology is so convenient, digital portfolios are growing incredibly popular. This option is an easy way to connect with a future employer or partner because it can be quickly distributed and simple to view. This format visually showcases your skills, achievements and your own artistic style specific to your professional field. I will help you curate your best work and organize in a way that leaves a lasting impression.

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