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Ever wished your copy would just hurry up and write itself? Channel your VIP energy while I write your copy—in just one day.

You just need one, uninterrupted day and fabulous copywriter to write it for you (not to brag or anything, but I volunteer as a tribute!)




A one-day copywriting intensive. Minus the wait. Minus the draaag.


Turn words into clients, in no time 

Spot my signature holistic copy method in action


That means you're signing up for my undivided attention!

Here's what we can do...

Website Copy

A 3-page website copy that keeps your ideal clients glued and sounds like you more than you do.

Sales Page

A full short-form sales page that’s backed up by research, grasps your messaging, and pops with personality. (Also open for long-form sales page which may take up to 2 days!)

Launch Email Sequence

A line-up of pre-launch, launch, and post-launch email sequences perf if you’re, well, *launching* a program or offer soon.

Welcome & Nurture Email Sequence

A squad of emails to make your ideal clients addicted to you and what you can offer.

Collection of Copy Projects

I’m talking copy pieces in the form of headlines, taglines, FB ads copy, short landing pages, product descriptions, social media captions, and whatever floats your boat! 

This is how we do it...

The Process

Here is a peak at your special VIP treatment

Step 1

Once you scoop up a spot and we decide it’s a fit, you’ll receive a VIP Day Workbook that’s designed to ask about the ins and outs of your biz. We’ll hop on a 1:1 kick-off call then I’ll conduct ALL necessary prep work (studies, interviews, surveys—the SO Digital way!).

Step 2

It’s VIP Day (aka your spa day!). Using my tested and loved holistic copy method, I’ll whip up a copy that will make your ideal clients drool over down to the last word and scream “HELL YES!” to your offer. This while you treat yourself to a me-time all day!

Step 3

An (optional) explanation or walkthrough video will be on your way to make sure you feel extraaa confident as you march forward! 

Step 4

Got edits? Collaboration over anything! You can pop in at this point and share your thoughts, simply because you deserve perfection!

Step 5

Your ready-to-launch sales copy is here! Now let out a big sigh ‘cause it’s time for a happy dance!

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