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Graphic Design

The Bloom Room is a rustic plant nursery that focuses on sustainability and living your best eco-friendly life. The Bloom Room just opened up in the heart of Los Angeles!


Kamilla wanted her branding to feel fresh, welcoming and rustic. She wanted to see a lot of textures and exciting illustrations. 


To stay true to my bold design style while working with her vision, I paired the rough and rustic textures of newspaper, vintage appearance of gingham with a fun & modern floral patterns. If you look closely, the contents of the newspaper are all about this amazing business! 

Please swipe through this gallery to see the full Instagram Carousel. 

This Airbnb is where beauty meets bubble — your retro ✨glam✨ oasis for all things pink! 


I loved every second of this design project! If you are looking for a designer to work on your BOLD & BEAUTIFUL brand — look no further! 

Please swipe through this gallery to see the full Instagram Carousel. 

Bad Moms of TN


"Our group is filled with moms from all walks of life that share advice and sometimes even a different perspective. We are open-minded, as we all can try new things, whether it be parenting advice, self care, cooking, etc. Bad Moms of TN provides a welcoming space of diversity, inclusivity and respect for all mothers — regardless of their parenting style. Our goal is to make each other feel accepted, even when we are totally different. 


We are the village of love and support. Bad Moms of TN is a safe space for moms to share their struggles (and successes) raising their tribe!  We are here to offer you honest encouragement, listen to you vent & help you realize your potential as a badass mother. Whether expecting, experienced, or somewhere in between, Bad Moms of TN welcomes you! So bring your tattoos, profanity, purple hair & little hellions — we totally get it & we are happy that you are here!"

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